I’m a sizable fan of crazy cannabis strains like Gorilla Glue #4 plus Dutch HIan

There are a large number of odd cannabis strains on the market these afternoons, however I rarely had access to them when I was younger.

I’m from a state that only just recently legalized cannabis for medical use.

It took us three attempts at putting medical cannabis on the ballot before all of us passed a law legalizing it. The first more than one times all of us got nearly 60% of the vote but just fell short by the exact percentage amount that all of us needed. I was ecstatic when all of us finally reached the 60% threshold by going over 73% in total, which also sent a clear message to the opposition that a large majority of the state was in favor of legalizing medical cannabis, once plus for all. Unfortunately, the mostly conservative state legislature put a lot of road blocks in site to “regulate” medical cannabis plus these obstacles have made it harder for the program to naturally evolve plus grow in the ways it does in other states. In other states the marijuana growers go after a variety of odd cannabis genetics, but most of the growers in this state are obsessed with cake plus cookie related cannabis genetics. I love strains like Gorilla Glue #4, Dutch HIan, plus AK-47, but they’re not so simple to find in our condo state. I had to get these while I was on holiday out west in a single of the states that has recreational cannabis dispensaries. They certainly had more products available than what we’re allowed to buy over here in our medical cannabis dispensaries. I wish growers here would take more risks with classic strains that might not be as simple to grow as others.


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