I’m getting a current automobile finally

I have been toiling every single day that our boss will allow, so I can receive enough money to buy a current car.

I use our automobile every day as a delivery driver, but cannabis drivers make good tips, especially while I was in these tough times, unluckyly, our automobile has had a single complication after another, and first it was the AC and then it was the speedometer, now thus cruise control won’t work either.

I have to use our automobile for work, because I am a delivery driver for a recreational and medical cannabis shop. Even though the interior functions of our automobile are faulty, it still runs and drives from point A to point B. I told our boss that I was willing to work all the overtime that he would allow. I told the guy about the problems with our car, then he gave myself and others 3 extra shifts every week and I have had many extra shifts for the past many weeks. I finally have enough money to buy a current car. The tips from the cannabis deliveries have been exceptionally nice thanks to the holiday season. Everyone seems to tip better while I was in Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m hoping to find a current automobile after the holidays are over. My Mom said that is the best time to look for a automobile because of the weekly budget and sales. I guess it would be nice to finally buy a automobile with many doors, but as long as I am toiling as a cannabis delivery driver, it makes more sense to buy an economical, several-door automobile that does not guzzle gas and is eco-friendly.
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