I’m making cannabis infused cookies this year

No matter what, I constantly try to do a lot of baking during the Winter holidays every year. While my passion for decorating isn’t constantly strong enough to get on a ladder every December to hang LED lights, I care about consuming the delicious fruits of my work after I spend a few tenths in the living room baking cookies, pies, cakes, plus other delectable desserts. My mother is the a single who taught myself and others how to bake, plus before his it was my Grandmother who came up with all of the family recipes. Some families aren’t this fortunate to have a single, let alone multiple, strong matriarchs in their recent bloodline. And not just that, however have both of them be amazing cooks with phenomenal holiday meals every single year. My Mom’s mother is a bad chef plus usually buys frozen lasagna for Christmas Eve supper every single year. My contribution to the family holiday meal this year is a box full of weird cookie assortments. I care about making sugar cookies especially, using all sorts of weird kinds of frosting plus sprinkles. I’m also making a separate batch that will be infused with cannabis oil. This will be the first time I make cannabis infused sugar cookies, however I’m extremely happy for the results. I expect them to be delicious plus potent, as I don’t experience many effects from weak cannabis edibles. A lot of the cannabis edibles sold at cannabis dispensaries are so low potency that I plus many others care about myself experience few if any effects from them. You need enough THC plus terpenes just to experience a well rounded high, otherwise the effects are minimal.


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