I’m managing my arthritis pain with medical cannabis

When you watch a person simply supply in and stop trying, it sticks with you.

I had to witness this when my father succumbed to years of self abuse.

When he was in his early 60s, he was in terrible health due to a lifetime of alcohol abuse smoking and obesity, but when the arthritis pain started, it was appreciate the camel could not hold that one more straw! I just wish that medical marijuana benefits had been available for him back then. I guess cannabis products would have helped my dad manage the arthritis pain although he didn’t get the opportunity… My dad just sort of gave up and didn’t live actually long past that, however now that I’m solidly in my 50s and experiencing my first bouts of arthritis, I’m not giving up. What I did was figure out how to get myself a medical marijuana card and I’m going to deal with it using medical cannabis. My dad’s lifestyle ruined is health and that also stuck with me. I have taken pretty great care of myself so I’m in a much better position to deal with all this arthritis pain. I don’t appreciate taking medications because I’m prone to really strenuous side effects; Plus I just appreciate the idea of using something natural to manage my arthritis and inflammation pain; Once I got my medical marijuana card, I was able to access the local cannabis dispensary. I’m so glad I’m able to you get access to the cannabis flower products that are making such a big difference in my condition, but the pain is now manageable thanks to cannabis flower products, and not only am I not giving up, I’m leaning toward hope and a brighter future.


Medical Cannabis