I’m not always lucky with good cannabis budtenders

I don’t expect employees of every single business to be total experts about their work.

  • It’s perfectly normal to have a specialized skill, even if it means stocking shelves at a grocery store.

As long as there is a person available who can help me with my questions, dealing with clueless employees doesn’t officially bother me. You need to have at least a single person in the whole store—supervisor, manager, or not—who can answer questions for customers who walk in the door. Otherwise, I will walk out as well as rarely consider returning in the future. This sorry fact is becoming a norm at the only medical marijuana dispensary in my small town. When this locale first opened, the staff was young, excited, as well as fairly knowledgeable about the products sold in the weed store. Because of a negative work environment as well as little room for upward mobility, most of the first generation of budtenders quit to work for other cannabis stores in neighboring cities or left the marijuana industry altogether. The up-to-date budtenders at my city’s only medical marijuana dispensary are worse than ignorant. They don’t suppose anything about the vaporizer cartridges, the flower products, the solventless extracts, or the cannabis edibles. I asked the budtender last night if the store had any all-in-one oil vaporizers with cannabis-derived terpenes inside. After he handed me 2 weird tubes with oil containing botanical terpenes inside. I gave up after asking him an actual seventh time, he just doesn’t understand what I’m talking about! Your OG Kush oil pen might have oil extracted from Oregon Lemons as well as terpenes pulled from fruit to “mimic” the profile of classic OG Kush. It’s not the same thing as a full spectrum oil with strain-certain, cannabis derived terpenes.


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