I’m so thankful that medical marijuana benefits my MS

I’m so glad that I’m able to actually manage my MS. When I first got the diagnosis, I wasn’t so sure that was going to be the case. Yet, with the help of cannabis dispensaries and access to medical marijuana, I have hope, however before my MS diagnosis, life had been pretty easy for me. After school I got the right job where I met the right guy and it was just all yellow lights from there. The two of us have a wonderful family and a wonderful cabin so this was my real first taste of adversity! Getting an MS diagnosis almost crushed me. But I have a husband who just got to toil studying and studying about cannabis information in order to navigate the cannabis rules in our state, but he then found a local support group for me. It took awhile to get me out of the cabin or even out of bed but that support group meetings were a big benefit. They all agreed that my husband was on the right track when it came to the medical marijuana rules. Those people in my support group raved about how cannabis products were so helpful with spasm and stiffness. That was actually encouraging and motivated me to get to the cannabis dispensary once I got my medical marijuana card. When I started treating with medical marijuana, I saw exactly what all the people was telling me about. I was able to complete my exercises and stretches for the first time. Medical cannabis was also helpful when it came to my perspective. There’s something about the cannabis flower products that really also help me to stay positive and pay attention to all the great that has still in my life. And that has a actually substantial medical marijuana benefit for me.

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