I’m three years clean thanks to medical pot

After High School, I decided to explore the country with some friends.

My mom and dad wanted me to go to college and they were very angry and upset when I decided to see the world instead.

My friends and I embarked on a journey that changed my life forever. Things were hard out on the road and I had to do whatever possible to make money for our trip. Eventually I ended up with a serious drug problem. I lived on the streets for 15 years, begging and stealing to support my horrible drug habit. I finally hit rock bottom when I ended up in a hospital after an overdose. I called my mom and dad for the first time in eight years. I told my parents that I was ready to make a change and I begged them to let me come home. My dad was ready to write me off, but my mom agreed to let me come home. I knew it was important to stay clean, because I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with my parents again. One thing that helped me stay clean is medical marijuana. I started seeing a therapist regularly and she suggested medical marijuana. One of my biggest problems was mental health issues that had never been checked or addressed. When I started using marijuana regularly to help with my mental health, I saw a lot of changes immediately and it was a lot easier to stay away from other harmful substances. Medical marijuana gave me back my life and I’m going to get a fresh start and another chance to do things right.
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