Is marijuana really a dangerous drug?

I’ve been talking to my doctor a lot about medical cannabis.

  • I told him that I was trying to find a doctor that would prescribe medical cannabis to help treat my PTSD symptoms.

I grew up in a house with a lot of domestic violence. It still affects me to this day and I am 40 years old. I have terrible nightmares and anxiety that plagues me all day long. I’m constantly filled with worry and anxiety. I barely sleep at all during the night. Even the sound of the neighbors across the street makes me feel nervous. I am very irritable and agitated when I don’t get enough sleep. The doctor wanted to prescribe an overnight narcotic, but I said that I was much more interested in learning more about medical marijuana products. The doctor didn’t seem like he liked the idea of prescribing medical cannabis. I later found out that the physician did not even have the right certification to be able to prescribe medical marijuana. I had to go to a special place with doctors that were certified to prescribe Medical marijuana. It was very expensive to get a doctor to give me a prescription, but I only have to see the doctor once each year. The medical marijuana licensing lasts all year and I have access to all of the products in the dispensary as long as I have my card. Cannabis provides a great amount of relief from the regular stress and anxiety that I do feel. I’ve been getting six or eight hours of sleep every night and that gives me more energy during the day.


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