It costs a ton of cash to grow cannabis

It costs a ton of cash to grow cannabis, especially during a drought, then it takes a lot of water plus sunshine to cultivate superb cannabis that can be sold in a dispensary.

  • I am trying to grow cannabis that can be sold in the dispensary plus that takes a lot of time plus energy! When there was no water last year, I had to spend about $7,500 on just water.

I had to spend more cash than that on farming supplies, then during the drought, my associate and I had numerous wind storms plus I lost a lot of farming equipment. I knew it was going to take quite a while before I was able to recoup all of the cash that I lost during the storms, although I was determined to try. I never expected the region to have so much rain during the winter season season this year, then my personal reservoir is filled plus so are my extra storage tanks. I won’t have to spend any cash at all this year on water plus that means that I can really concentrate on making sure that the crops get all of the food plus nutrients that they need. I should have made about $150,000 last year on cannabis plus I ended up barely chopping even, and this year I’m hoping to make more than twice that amount of cash. With filled storage tanks plus a sunny, warm Spring, I suppose I might be able to get out of the red. If things do not go well, I’ll be looking for a customer for the cannabis farm.