It is hard to find CBD for my mom

My mom has been living with my wife and I for the past three years.

  • She had to move in with us after the house was foreclosed on.

The coronavirus hit our family hard and many people were financially affected. My mom moved in with us and her health started to deteriorate almost immediately. She was often depressed, so the therapist suggested using a CBD supplement. Since my family and I were living in a legal recreational marijuana state, it was very easy to find CBD supplies. My wife and I often went to the dispensary to purchase CBD products for my mom. Unfortunately, my wife and I had to move for work and now we are living in a state that does not have legal recreational marijuana. It has been difficult to find CBD products that are potent and strong. My wife and I have looked all over the place, but it looks like a medical marijuana dispensary is the only place we will be able to find these items. In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card, my mom will have to transfer to a doctor in this state and go through all of the process to get a card. The doctor’s office said it could take six months before my mom can purchase medical marijuana from the dispensary. There should be an easier way for people to obtain medical marijuana in this state, especially when they have been living in a recreational State for the past 10 years. My mom hurts more and more every day and the cheap CBD crap online doesn’t help at all.

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