It took a while, although I finally got my medical card.

Last year I finally got my medical marijuana card. I was on the verge of calling the number of the state department that handled medical marijuana cards. It had been nearly more than five weeks since I had my doctor’s appointment as well as was qualified for the card. I sent my $50 in to the state, although I hadn’t heard anything. I did an online search which told me my card should have been delivered three weeks earlier, although I didn’t have it. I called the informational number that was given on the website. The lady I talked to insisted that I had already received my card, as well as I argued with her. I called the medical marijuana shop as well as asked them about the medical card. She asked if I had my ID as well as I explained the situation. She thought this was odd because they had records that had my ID number along with my name, address, as well as birthdate. The next day I got my ID card in the mail as well as made my way to the medical marijuana shop. I couldn’t wait to get my first order. I had to talk to the marijuana shop’s pharmacist, even before I got to buy anything. After she made her recommendations, I obtained what she mentioned. I knew that in my next order, I was going to be choosing marijuana products that I wanted as well as not what the pharmacist thought I should buy. I didn’t exactly think what I was going to purchase, however the marijuana store had a website. I could opportunity as well as choose what I wanted as well as then put in an order for my marijuana products. I could opportunity it up anytime throughout the day.


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