It was cold before work, but I was sweating later

The weather has been getting colder and colder and I have a hard time when the temperatures are extremely low.

My car doesn’t run well when the temperatures are cold and my house is drafty in every room.

I have to sleep with a space heater, because it’s so cold in my bedroom. It was awfully chilly this morning when I woke up and got ready for work. I decided to wear something warm, because it is always cold at work too. I have been employed by a recreational and medical cannabis shop for the past eight months. Even during the summer when the temperatures were warmer, it was still extremely cold inside of the building. I’m not sure if it is the location of the cannabis shop, but it is always extremely cool indoors. I put on a pair of corduroy pants and a long-sleeve shirt with a sweater. When I walked out of the apartment, I was barely bothered by the cold weather that had to be shivering earlier that morning. When the sun came out, the temperatures started to get warmer. The cannabis shop was still cold, but I was wearing multiple layers of clothing and I actually became too warm. I took off my sweater and wore my long-sleeve shirt for the afternoon. I would have been too warm with the extra layer of clothing and I was happy that I didn’t decide to wear the sweater alone. The cannabis shop was busier than usual. I think the warm air and sunshine brought people out to the market and the strip mall.


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