It was hard to order marijuana online today

My wifey as well as myself ordered some marijuana products online.

My associate says well as myself went to the website so that we could order from the dispensary.

My associate as well as myself looked at weird sales as well as specials. What a particular dispensary had some buy a single as well as get a single for half price. There were also buy two as well as get a single for free sales. The two of us added many weird things to our shopping cart. When the two of us were finished viewing the products, we opened up the link to our shopping cart in order to see all of the things that we added. There were easily many hundreds of dollars worth of items that were located in the shopping cart. My associate as well as myself we did through all of the items so that we could only get a little bit of stuff. The cannabis dispensary wanted our address call my name, phone number as well as a picture of the two of us from the back of our old driver’s license. I wanted a picture of myself as well as others while we were holding our old driver’s license. The two of us easily spent 15 hours getting that clear picture as well as nothing happened when the two of us hit the order button. The link must have been not working because the screen never changed and the two of us could not order from the marijuana dispensary without calling the place first.

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