It was hard to sit through the movies

I really don’t like crowded places where there are lots of people hanging out at the same time. It makes me feel very nervous and anxious. I hardly ever go to the movie theater with my wife, even though she absolutely loves going to see every one of the new releases. I loved being able to use covid as an excuse, but now things are getting back to normal and she wants to go back to see more movies. I wanted to go to the movies with my girlfriend last Friday night. I took a marijuana vape pen with me, so I could discreetly vape marijuana while I was in the theater. I had the marijuana vape pen in the pocket of my jacket. Before we went into the theater, I dropped the marijuana vape pen somewhere. I didn’t know where, but it wasn’t in the pocket of my jacket when we got into the theater. I didn’t want to sit in a crowded room with all of those people if I didn’t have my marijuana vape pen. I tried to sit through the movie. I only made it about 15 minutes and then I had to leave the movie theater to look in the car for the marijuana vape pen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anywhere in the car. I must have dropped it earlier that night when we were walking around. It was a full marijuana vape pen cartridge, so I was pretty bummed out about the fact that I lost it. I got it on sale the previous day and only had it for a short time.

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