It was severely tied up at the dispensary on Monday

Monday was an unquestionably tied up morning at the reefer store and I had to toil an 8 hour shift. I usually only toil 4 hours on Monday, however I switched shifts with one of my good buddies. I was supposed to toil for hours on Sunday, however I was hoping to go to church with my bestie and his loved ones. I offered to switch with an acquaintance that had a Monday afternoon shift and that pretty much meant eight long hours at the dispensary on my feet, paying attention to all of the different cannabis customers… On Mondays my good buddy and I have all sorts of unusual specials at the marijuana dispensary. On Mondays my good buddy and I have buy two and get one half price on all products in the store. Of course, you can mix and match concentrates, marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, and accessories. The lowest priced item is pretty much always half price. On Mondays my good buddy and I also offer a penny pre-roll for every $50 the buyer spends. Even if you are a first-time buyer with a 50% off special, you still get to buy a pre-roll for a penny for every $50 that you spend. This Monday special has been going on since before I started toiling at the marijuana dispensary. It’s honestly one pressing reason why that store is consistently so busy. During the first 4 hours of my shift I never was even able to leave that counter. I dealt with buyer after buyer and my feet were pretty sore before long. When I finally had the option to rest and put my feet up for a short while, I fell asleep and practically forgot to clock in on time. Thank goodness a coworker observed it was time for me to clock back in.


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