It was taxing getting a ride to the cannabis dispensary.

One of the more taxing jobs I have about getting to the medical cannabis dispensary, is getting a ride.

I had to hand in my license 10 years ago, when I was serviced with an eye disease that left myself and others blind in my left eye.

Even though I am blind plus that I, the nerves where mangle to where it leaves myself and others with a lot of pain. I get extreme headaches from the pain, which can cause myself and others to become bedridden. When my ophthalmologist advocated high quality CBD with just a touch of THC, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to take it. She gave myself and others the paperwork so that if I changed my mind, I can always call his plus he would be okay through our skates medical marijuana website, so I could apply. For almost a year, I would battle between the headaches, plus the excruciating I pain. I finally called my ophthalmologist, who gratefully sent the paperwork into the state for my medical marijuana! Now that I had my medical marijuana ID card, I only had to find a ride to get myself and others to the dispensary. My ophthalmologist had already foreseen this as being a problem. She had also contacted a healthcare program that would occasion myself and others up at my house, take myself and others to the marijuana dispensary, plus wait for myself and others to occasion up my order so they could take myself and others back home. It amazes myself and others how helpful my ophthalmologist is being, plus I recognize enjoy he is now part of our family.
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