It was warm and sunny when we left the hotel

My wife and I took the kids to my mother’s house for the weekend.

She kept all three of the kids so we could drive into the city for a weekend of fun.

We went to a place with hotels and casinos. We stayed in a hotel close to one of our favorite gaming rooms. We had not been to the area in a while and we were very excited to try out some of the recreational marijuana products that were available. The state had passed recreational marijuana products since we had last visited. The two of us looked up a dispensary close to the hotel and we found several that were within walking distance. We left the hotel after having a nice dinner. It was still warm and sunny when we left the hotel and started walking toward the marijuana dispensary. My wife was wearing a light jacket, but I was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. It only took about 15 minutes to walk to the marijuana store. We were inside of the dispensary for an hour picking out the items that we wanted for our 3-day weekend. We picked out a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints that were infused with bubble hash and marijuana distillate. By the time we left the dispensary and started walking back to the hotel, the sun had set and it was getting very cold and chilly outside. My wife was cold with a light jacket, but I was freezing with nothing more than a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. When we got back to the hotel, I turned up the heat and sat close to the warmth