It’s a unbelievable time to be in the marijuana business

I make our living helping other people grow wealth.

So I have some skill plus acumen when it comes to investments.

And right now, it’s a unbelievable time to get into the marijuana business. Now most folks are going to buy property plus grow cannabis products to be a cannabis grower. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t currency to be made when it comes to the marijuana business. For myself and others personally, I have shifted a large chunk of our investment portfolio into a wide range of chances in the cannabis business. With the recent election cycle came a wave of new cannabis laws that has continued to open the country up to access cannabis dispensaries. The east coast is poised to legalize not just medical marijuana but recreational marijuana as well. And now’s the time to get investment capital into the marijuana business. When the east coast goes legal, there will be such a need for more cannabis infrastructure from cannabis growers to equipment. I’m for sure moving our currency into place as this is inevitable. We are now in a position, in a relatively short amount of time, where just over half the country now has legal access to some form of cannabis. This was simply unheard just a dozen years ago. Back then, it was a miracle that medical marijuana was getting a foothold. But the upgrade model is a single that state government can no longer just afford to ignore. We are for sure on the threshold of the tipping point for the cannabis industry. And I’m making sure that I’m positioned for the spend our money day that’s going to bring.

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