It’s cannabis cafe time

I have a friend who can take one look at me and tell where I am emotionally and otherwise. I’m just so lucky to have that sort of support and sisterhood in this life. Things have just never been easy for me and I am so grateful for those who love me. This friend will often tell me that it’s cannabis cafe time and there will not be any arguments. That’s one of my problems, I have a hard time just doing something for myself. I’m the sort who seems to need to be needed and I have a hard time shutting that off. This is another reason I’m so lucky to have this friend in my life. She just won’t take no for an answer when she knows it’s time for me to get myself to the cannabis cafe. There have been times where she’ll give me an hour and then show up at my door. And she will absolutely take me by the hand if I don’t go to the cannabis cafe willingly. But honestly, she is just so right. An afternoon or even a morning at the cannabis cafe seems to set everything right and give me back some perspective. The place is just so calming and inviting. We normally sit outside at a little cafe table as though we were in Europe. But the first thing we do is get our coffee and check the cannabis edibles specials. Splitting one of these awesome cannabis edibles is heaven. They do so many different things with the edibles. From wonderful pastries to the best pot brownie I’ve ever put in my mouth. It’s so nice to then just take our time and laugh we each other.

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