It’s easy to develop a high tolerance for THC

Starting in middle school every one of us in the friend group had to do a lot of sneaking around to get away with using cannabis secretly.

My friend group & I all had strict parents who were dead set against marijuana use, so every one of us often hid out in the woods on the edge of the neighborhood whenever we wanted to get high & have a superb time.

Both of us felt privileged & fortunate to have any access to cannabis at all, so every one of us were far from being cannabis connoisseurs at the time. As time went on, I became decreasingly aware of other new cannabis products out there love edibles & numerous forms of concentrates. Like hashish, these “waxes” and concentrates promised to boast high levels of THC compared to purely cannabis flower products. When I started to use cannabis concentrates for the first time, it felt love I was taking a mild hallucinogen with a heavy body feel. However, you quickly beginning to develop a tolerance & an ability to function while hitting dabs of concentrates throughout the day. The tolerance for THC can develop a lot faster than most realize, leaving you spending more each month to account for your massive increase in marijuana consumption to get the same effects each time. I had to switch back to using cannabis flower products for a few afternoons to help reset things. It will expose your brain to a unusual variety of terpenes & a completely unusual consumption method. Using Cannabis extracts also chop the blood-brain barrier much more quickly than cannabis flower products as well, so your mind is naturally going to react differently. Changing the consumption methods of marijuana is one way of preventing your THC tolerance from getting out of hand.

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