It's hard not to think about it

When covid hit, I had to start toiling from home! I had to work in an office every afternoon before covid plus it was hard for me to be around people. I think a lot of anxiety plus often have panic attacks when I am around several people, when the boss advised that the people I was with and I were going to work from home, I was legitimately cheerful. I work for a cannabis timekeeping software business! The Cannabis timekeeping software company has several different buyers plus I give it services, sometimes there is a glitch in the software plus those problems need to be fixed instantly. I can access the program plus each individual client. This allows me to fix any software problems or bugs in the idea that might be occurring. Working from cabin was a lot of fun. I got to spend every single afternoon with our pet, but my pet was used to me going to the office for 8 hours plus after that I was cabin all afternoon long. When the boss called plus said that the people I was with and I were going to go back to the office for good, I was legitimately hesitant to go back to the same task. It’s entirely hard not to think a lot of anxiety every afternoon. I do love our task at the cannabis timekeeping software business. It’s hard to say no plus find another task. I have worked for a couple of other companies in their IT department plus this unique company has some of the nicest owners. They entirely offer fantastic benefits plus a salary that is in the top range for a software IT person.


Human Resource Business Partner for dispensary