Jack informed myself and others about the sale on top shelf flower

Jack plus I have been best friends since high school.

  • The two of us met over our shared love of weed plus hoops.

I used to go to the park every weekend with my hoops plus a joint. It was easy to find someone to join myself and others for a pickup game if I had marijuana, but my big brother got marijuana from the people he went to school with. I had easy access to we had almost anytime I wanted, but jack plus I smoked a lot of pot together, then eventually the two of us both went separate ways after high school was over. The two of us remain friends to this day plus frequently see each other when the two of us have time. Just Last year Jack came to visit for a couple of mornings. The two of us took my boat out on the water plus went deep-sea fishing… Before the two of us decided to go fishing, the two of us visited a recreational marijuana dispensary. I wanted to have some items delivered the previous night, but Jack easily wanted to check out the dispensary plus see the selection in person. The two of us had to find room to park the boat by the dispensary. Thank goodness there was a large parking lot next door with lots of space for the boat plus the truck. The two of us picked out a couple of nice top shelf flower strains. They tasted easily nice plus rolled up nicely in the cones that the two of us purchased from the shop. The top shelf flower was on sale plus 20% off. The two of us picked out a easily nice girl scout cookies hybrid that was 33% in THC, plus the two of us picked up a Super silver haze that was 29%! Our selections were easy to make.


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