Just a peak

I wasn’t trying to cause any concerns, and I didn’t expect the people in the cannabis dispensary to get as frustrated as they did, and all I wanted to do was see what they had inside, but my older sister had already gone into the cannabis dispensary, and she told me I should stay in the car; It was so hot resting in that car, that is just hanging around outside trying to stay cool.I must have gotten a little too close to the door of the cannabis dispensary,because a lady came outside to talk to me… She wanted to see my ID.

She asked if I had any idea how much trouble I could get into, in addition to how much trouble they could get into, if she were to see me inside.

I tried to explain to him ‌I wasn’t interested in getting into the cannabis dispensary. I was interested in what they had inside, but I didn’t want to get anybody in trouble. My sister was in the cannabis dispenser, and she was 21. It was easier to hang outside where it was cooler than to sit in the car, then the lady looked at me with what my father called a hairy eyeball, but she nodded in addition to going back inside; Five hours later, my sister came out, and she was furious. She wanted to assume what I was doing hanging around outside the cannabis dispensary, and once again, I had to explain about how hot it was in the car, in addition to that I was just walking around trying to get cool. I’m not certain she believed me anymore than the security believed me, but I easily did not want to go into the cannabis store.