Just unbelievable how easy it is to get cannabis products these days

Being in my 50’s, I think I have an interesting perspective when it comes to being able to access a cannabis dispensary freely and whenever the mood strikes.

This situation is not one that I thought very likely to take place in this country. I was pretty sure that all the marijuana myths and misinformation would be too much to overcome. I love, love, love that I was wrong about that. For sure, I was an advocate for change in marijuana laws. Still, I was not overly enthused that change would really take place. Then medical marijuana was such a success that it changed the paradigm. Thankfully, those cannabis industry pioneers out west really thought this through. They came up with a winning strategy that proved how useful cannabis products could be on so many levels. And once state and local governments saw all the tax windfall from medical marijuana, it dang sure caught their attention. The next thing you know, I live in a state where there is legal medical marijuana as well as medical marijuana. It’s been several years now but I’m still sort of pinching myself every time I walk into the local cannabis spot. It’s just that easy. I can hop on my bike and ride 15 minutes to a place that is full of smiles, good vibes and great cannabis products. Heck, I’m now even able to to call the local cannabis spot and put in an order for marijuana delivery. I mean, does it get any easier than that? I’m just glad that in the last phase of my life, I won’t have to worry about access to cannabis products or breaking the law just to enjoy marijuana.


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