Keeping edibles in the golf bag

My best friend Kenny asked me to be his caddy for a weekend tournament.

I guess it’s important to note that I don’t play golf, and know very little about the game.

Kenny plays several times a week, and it is more than a hobby to him, it’s a passion. He got invited to a very exclusive tournament upstate, and wanted me to be his partner. The caddy carries the bag and hands the player the clubs he needs, but what Kenny really needed was a friend to keep him calm. Kenny was prone to anxiety, and he felt if I was there, and had a full supply of cannabis with me, then he had a better chance of winning. I was happy to help him, especially since subtlety would be of the essence because cannabis is not allowed on the golf course. One of the best aspects of cannabis for me is the strong, pungent odor of the smoke, but this very quality meant we couldn’t smoke joints. I have a small vape pen I can fill with small doses of potent cannabis oil, and this generates no odor at all, just a little wisp of vapor. The most important thing to bring was cannabis edibles, because there is no more discreet way of getting high. My job as caddy had very little to do with the golf clubs, and everything to do with supplying him the right dosage of edibles at the right time to keep him “in the zone.” It wound up being one heck of a weekend.


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