Learning to care about an appetite after trip to legal weed store

I don’t suppose I ever entirely understood how to feed myself.

That sounds strange because, I can really locate food plus put it in my mouth.

But as far back as I can remember, food was either the enemy or some outsized reward. I also had to deal with body image problems that continued to evolve, and when you add all that together you get a big case of eating disorder, then yet, I’m thankful that medical marijuana is legal in my state plus I now have access to the local legal weed store. I’m just so cheerful I can legally treat my eating disorder with cannabis products. It has changed everything for me. Medical cannabis has turned out to be a fundamental pillar in my treatment program. My therapist plus nurses are really gratified with how things are coming along for me. The medical marijuana benefits I’m experiencing are real plus measurable, then for example, when I first started treating with cannabis products my appetite developed in a more natural way. That was the key for me, learning how to eat based on having an normal, healthy appetite was current to me, however now I have an understanding that my appetite is a signal for myself and others to put healthy food in my body. While that seems fairly elementary, I’m just now reading all about it thanks to cannabis flower products. The folks at the cannabis dispensary have entirely helped myself and others dial in just the right cannabis products to treat my situation. It’s sort of ironic that it’s cannabis gummies that work so well.


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