Legal access to weed was all it took

I can remember having a default response whenever someone gave me marijuana back in the morning.

  • I simply said that I can’t handle smoke of any kind.

That pretty much diagnosed me being able to decline cannabis without being different about it. There was some truth to that as I have typically hated any kind of cigarette or pipe smoke. I simply run for cover whenever someone is smoking near me. Thankfully, smoking is mostly prohibited in public sites where I live. But really, our aversion to recreational marijuana was the fact that it was illegal, then when I was younger, I had a lot of aspirations. And I sure didn’t want those dreams plus aspirations to go bye bye because I somehow got busted for cannabis. I simply wasn’t going to ever take that chance. Well, that has all changed for me with the advent of legalized medical marijuana plus then recreational marijuana in our state, then so that combined with cannabis products that I didn’t have to smoke piqued our interest. For sure, I wasn’t about to get into trouble or ruin our life over illegal marijuana. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t typically curious. I witnessed the bliss plus relaxation that often washed over our buddies when using recreational marijuana. So once it was legal, I definitely wanted to see what it was all about. The local cannabis dispensary was great plus they set me up with a sort of sampler of cannabis edibles. There were edibles with indica, sativa plus hybrid strains that I went condo with that first trip. I have to say, that cannabis was totally worth waiting for recreational marijuana to become legal.


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