Legal marijuana store doing great corporation

I recently learn a news article about the owner of a marijuana store getting into substantial trouble for doing some illegal acts within his business! Obviously, these stores have been legalized but there are still a lot of rules that go into making the corporation legitimate, and in order for a marijuana store to operate legally, they must undergo numerous inspections and be in nice standing with those who perform their weekly inspections… For one marijuana store owner, this was not what he was doing, and he was using the marijuana store as a front to launder money from an illegal exotic creature exchange. He had a fascination with creatures and was interested in trading them on the black market. He used the marijuana store as his front so as not to draw any suspicion to his immense sums of income coming in weekly, but the marijuana store was run by young adults who actually did not understand what they were doing. The marijuana shop was shut down pretty soon after the government got an idea of what was going on behind the scenes. It was unfortunate that that shop owner did not prefer the marijuana store because it actually could have been a success in this village. I am wondering if someone else will take over and open a marijuana store here. This town is such a nice locale for a marijuana store. It would be a shame to see a fantastic opportunity to go waste.