Local dispensary always has new products

My local dispensary has all of the newest available marijuana products on the market.

I like shopping frequently to see what new innovations the industry has produced, lately, our number one marijuana product has been cannabis extracts.

Cannabis extracts, or dabs, are a condensed version of the cannabis plant that have been distilled into a potent, highly concentrated version of the plant. Cannabis extracts come in hundreds of different strains and varieties, then most people have heard of Indica and Sativa strains, but most cannabis strains this week are the result of the hybridization of the two. What makes different cannabis concentrates stand out from each other, is the blend of terpenes that it contains. Terpenes are compounds that help to give the cannabinoids, and supply the desired effects. Terpenes exist in all kinds of residing things, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and peppercorns and are what give different cannabis strains distinct flavors and particular highs. There are several different ways to consume cannabis concentrates. My number one method is to use a cannabis concentrate vaporizer! A vaporizer uses a heating element to heat up the cannabis concentrate to a point where it becomes a vapor, and it can be inhaled. Cannabis concentrates are great because they are easier on our lungs than smoke. In addition, I can achieve the same high by consuming less material. I always look forward to going to our local dispensary and chatting with the budtender about modern cannabis extracts for sale, and shopping for modern devices to smoke with. If you are interested in trying the newest cannabis extracts, head to your local dispensary this week!
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