Making homemade rosin with cannabis flower products

I am a DIY fanatic, especially in the kitchen.

I like to take existing recipes and mash them up by combining ingredients and different approaches to the same dish. After learning from a parent who rarely cooked with written recipes, I fell into this habit naturally. It’s a good skill to master if you are dealing with limited ingredients at home and want to make a dish out of whatever options you’ve got at your disposal. You can fashion a meal out of a few random assorted items from your pantry or freezer. I love cooking my own meals because it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I managed to create whatever it is that I’m eating at each meal. Believe it or not, but being a cook at home encouraged me to start cooking with cannabis. I started by making my own cannabis edibles out of cannabis oil I would get from the local cannabis dispensaries, but now I get my own cannabis oil out of cannabis flower products with a rosin press. A rosin press is a heat press that forces the oils out of the cannabis flower buds using over a thousand pounds of pressure with constant heat. The end result is known as rosin, and it’s a wonderful cannabis concentrate to consume via “dabbing” like you would with butane hash oil. Making homemade rosin is fun because you can do it with any assorted cannabis flower products from your favorite cannabis dispensary. You just need the rosin press and some parchment paper for the squeezing process.
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