Many ailments can be helped with medical marijuana

There are many ailments that can be helped with medical marijuana.

A lot of the older population and generation still believe that marijuana is a recreational drug, but there are plenty of studies to support the contrary.

My little brother was one of the first people to start using medical marijuana in the state. He was one of the reasons why the bill was introduced and signed into law. My brother suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. He was having three seizures a day and my parents didn’t know how to help. They took my brother to six or seven different doctors. They prescribed countless drugs and interventions, but nothing helped. I remember the seizures vividly, because I was six years older. My brother was suffering badly and my parents were willing to try anything if it helped. Someone in the weekly support group suggested medical marijuana, which was still very new. They knew a person growing marijuana at home and offered to get some for us to try. My mom made some tea with the dried cannabis flower using a recipe she got from one of the other mothers in the support group. My brother fank the foul smelling tea every morning for a week and he didn’t experience a single seizure. My mom was thrilled and talked to the doctor about the results. He agreed to help my mom fight the government to make medical marijuana legal. It took five years and lots of court battles, but this state finally allows medical marijuana without penalty. My little brother still uses pot everyday, and his seizures are infrequent and much less aggressive.



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