Many uses of cannabis

Marijuana has so many uses. I frequently have aches and pains from tough workouts. I do a tumbling based workout a few days a week plus damage myself occasionally, using a topical is so helpful. I spread a little bit of the cream, that has CBD in it, on the affected area. After a few days I feel so much better. It is like having a more potent icy hot on hand. I also have trouble sleeping. Anytime I can tell I am restless, I put a few drops of cannabis oil in our nightly cup of tea. It has mainly CBD in it plus it soothes myself and others right to bed. I also smoke cannabis flowers for anxiety when I am in the job week. I get so upset that I have trouble driving to work, finishing projects plus staying focused. Smoking a pre-roll joint on our lunch break has really solved the issue quite a bit; Now that the virus is a thing, I don’t need to worry about the drive. I also don’t need to worry about co-workers seeing myself and others smoke or odoring it on me. I just pick a midday point plus kneel on our porch. I smoke our pre-roll joint plus then get back to work. I am chill enough that our morning goes perfectly plus I get a ton done. Cannabis really makes myself and others function better as a human all morning long. I couldn’t go truly long without cannabis products. Thankfully our state allows for medical plus recreational weed. I frequently take advantage of both ends of that law.