Medical cannabis cards are easy to obtain

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state for 20 years, and 10 years ago recreational marijuana was legalized as well.

We were one of the first places to legalize both. Since recreational marijuana was legalized, it is easier than ever to obtain a medical cannabis card. There are so many benefits to having a medical card. One benefit is saving a ton of money on taxes. You don’t have to pay local and city taxes if you have a medical marijuana card. Sometimes I can be 15% or more on a standard purchase. Another benefit to having a medical marijuana card is supply. Anytime there is a sordid, medical marijuana patients will always have access to their medicine. Medical marijuana patients will be able to access we’d even when recreational patients will not. One of the best benefits of having a medical marijuana card is being able to grow marijuana. Without a medical marijuana card, it is illegal to grow weed in this state. If you are caught with a single plant, you can be subjected to time in prison and Hefty fines. With a medical marijuana card, you can legally grow and harvest up to 8 plants during every cycle. You can also purchase higher amounts of concentrate and dried flower when you go to the dispensary. With so many wonderful benefits to having the medical card, it doesn’t make sense not to pay the $15 to the state one time every year. I save that much money in one trip to the shop, because the taxes are at least that $15.