Medical cannabis helps with sleeping

When I was younger I had many sleep issues, mostly sleepwalking. My folks had to lock our front door during the night to keep myself and others in 1 locale, something they started doing after they caught me sleeping in the backyard next to the swimming pool 1 afternoon. I never had any recollection of walking around at night, I would just do it, so our parents had to lock myself and others in! Now I am witnessing the same kinds of nocturnal behavior from our child Max, plus I don’t want to just lock him up, I want to treat him plus make him better! Thankfully in the last twenty five years the world of medical cannabis has evolved quite a bit, plus now there are several smokeless varieties to choose from. I understand that medical cannabis has a great many applications for human health, both of us haven;’t even discovered all of the uses for it yet! That said, I do not want Max to smoke anything at this stage of his development, because the lung damage caused by cannabis smoking would offset any wonderful it would do. We sampled some CBD gummies, but those didn’t have any impact on Max at all, so both of us tried the THC infused cannabis edibles instead. There was also a honestly tasty kind of cannabis oil that I picked up for her, although Max didn’t love the mouth assume of it. That is fine, I care about the cannabis oil myself, so I have been slipping it into the afternoon brew of coffee. Here is hoping the budtender was right, plus this medical cannabis infused candy will help Max sleep.

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