Medical cannabis laws are never going to change in this small town

There are plenty of medical facts and studies that support the theory that medical marijuana helps.

There have been studies performed by a number of college graduates and top scientists. These studies prove that there are medicinal benefits to the marijuana plant. Cannabis sativa has been used for thousands of years to help our body and mind. Still, there is absolutely no way that recreational marijuana or medical marijuana will ever be legalized in this state. We’re in the middle of the Bible Belt where corn and potatoes rule. Everybody goes to church on Sunday and we don’t talk about medical marijuana unless someone else brings up the subject. Medical cannabis is considered taboo just like talking about religion or politics. I grew up in a different generation than my parents and my opinion on medical cannabis is not the same as theirs. I’ve read the studies and information on the plant and there is plenty of information to suggest marijuana can provide effective help in treating a number of conditions and diseases. 1 problem in particular can be greatly helped with the use of cannabis. That problem is Crohn’s disease. I’ve been suffering from Crohn’s disease for 15 years. I had part of my intestine removed last year. I often suffer from aches, pains, bloating, and inflammation. I’ve read a hundred studies proving that marijuana can absolutely help with Crohn’s disease and I am ready to find out if that is the truth. I’ve been suffering for a long time. If I can find some relief, I am willing to try anything.



Medical Marijuana