Medical cannabis to help combat with sleep issues

When I was growing up I had a lot of sleep complications, mostly sleepwalking.

My folks had to padlock my bedroom door in the evening to keep myself and others in 1 arena, something they started doing for me after they finding myself and others in the backyard next to the pool early 1 morning.

I never had any recall of moving around, I would just do it, so my parents had to lock myself and others in! Now I am seeing the very same kind of nocturnal behavior from my child Callie & I don’t want to just lock her up, I want to treat her & make her better! Thankfully during the last twenty years the world of medical cannabis has evolved quite a bit, & now Callie and I have numerous smokeless varieties to choose from. I understand that medical cannabis also has numerous applications for human health, every one of us haven;’t even discovered all of the applications for it yet! That said, I do not want Callie to smoke anything at this stage of her development, because the lung tissue damage caused by cannabis smoke would offset any fantastic it would do. Both of us sampled some of the CBD gummies, & those didn’t have any impact on Callie at all, so every one of us tried the THC infused cannabis edibles instead. There was also a bag of entirely tasty cannabis oil that I picked up for her, but she didn’t love the mouth feel of it. That is just fine, I like the cannabis oil myself, so I have been slipping it into my morning coffee, however I am hoping that the budtender was right, & this medical cannabis infused candy will help Callie sleep.

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