Medical marijuana has given me back my life

When the marijuana laws were passed, I did not expect to be a single patient that would ever visit the marijuana shop. My hubby was absolutely quick to use some of the recreational marijuana products, but I was easily a person to be hesitant. I did not use any other drug types except the items that were prescribed by a nurse. I was brought up in a loft where marijuana was considered to be a drug. After being taken care of with rheumatoid arthritis oh, I was easily sure that the subject would come up. When the doctor told myself and others that a physical therapist could help, I also found out that I could qualify for a medical marijuana ID card. This was not something that we anticipated, but it turned out to be a really good idea. I fell trying to walk separate from my cane and then broke my hip. I found myself in the hospital for nearly a week. I spoke with multiple of the nurses and they mentioned medical marijuana could be extremely helpful for this type of arthritic conditions. I was certain my hubby would not think that was a good idea, but he was recognizable that medical marijuana might be the end point. It’s been a year since I started using medical marijuana and the results are amazing. I am now a proper client at a marijuana dispensary and wondering if life would have been a door a lot better if I had gone to the medical marijuana clinic a lot sooner than I did.

Medical Marijuana Certifications