Medical marijuana isn’t for everyone.

The doctor made it sound like medical marijuana can help just about everything, but I wasn’t so sure.

My brother was eager for the state to pass laws for recreational marijuana.

He said medical marijuana wouldn’t help him. He was sure medical marijuana wasn’t the same as recreational marijuana. I had to go online and show him articles where states had already legalized recreational marijuana. It was being sold in the same dispensaries, but the pricing was different for recreational marijuana than it was for medical marijuana. Some marijuana products weren’t legal for medical marijuana users to purchase. There are some marijuana products available only for recreational use, which medical marijuana users can’t purchase. If you are using medical marijuana, you can’t purchase edibles, but you can purchase ingestible. Edibles are gummies, space cakes, brownies, etc… Ingestible marijuana products are pills, capsules, and oils that are put under the tongue. Our state has some odd laws about being able to buy flower, but you can’t smoke it. You can, however, vape it. The more I read about the laws and regulation placed on medical marijuana use, the less I wanted to use it. I knew I would find something over-the-counter that would help with my pain, as long as I kept looking. I just wished I knew when that time would come. My brother told me if they ever legalized recreational marijuana, he would buy it. As far as medical marijuana went, he still wasn’t sure it was the same as recreational marijuana. He said he didn’t trust the government, and I laughed.