Medical marijuana was a godsend to my mother.

Right before my aunt died, she was in extreme pain because of the cirrhosis of the liver. They were days when I would walk into the house and find her in tears. She was in so much pain. When I heard that medical marijuana was legalized in our state, I called her. I got all the information I had to get a medical marijuana ID card, and I started filling out the paperwork. My aunt was just like a second mother to me, and I was going to do anything I could that would help her from suffering so much. I told my aunt we would have to go visit the doctor, and she would need the money to pay. When she burst into tears again, I knew she could not afford it. Told her not to worry about it, and we headed to the doctor. When the doctor suggested the marijuana and how she could use it, I was the one in tears. Even before he got home, she had a notice in her email about sending and payment to receive her medical marijuana ID card. She sent in her payment and a week later, her medical marijuana ID was in hand. We went to the local marijuana dispensary, and talked to the pharmacist. She basically told me ‌she could have anything she wanted, but she suggested a few things. As much pain as what she was in, the marijuana dispensary pharmacist gave her the strongest items they had. For the first time in six months, with the help of medical marijuana, my aunt suffered little to no pain.

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