Medical marijuana was all that kept me walking.

When my doctor suggested I try medical marijuana to ease my discomfort, I was a bit taken aback. I never expected a medical doctor to tell me to consider medical marijuana instead of giving me pain pills. I was already taking so much medication. I was ready to rebel at anything being prescribed. My husband and I had already discussed finding a doctor that could help me get medical marijuana. I liked the idea of using natural medication to ease the constant pain I had in my back. I was already using a cane and the physical therapist was suggesting a walker and possibly a wheelchair. I was tired of not being independent. I wasn’t sure if I could ever walk without the helps of devices, but I wanted to find out. Using medical marijuana to ease my pain and helping me with more independence was a true consideration for me. The doctor throwing out that recommendation cemented it for me, and my husband went on a search to find a medical physician who could help me ‌ get my medical marijuana ID card. It has now been almost two years since I first started using medical marijuana. I still need a cane when I am having a difficult day, but no longer worry about needing a walker and the thought of a wheelchair is completely off the table. When people ask me how I have been able to continue walking and boast about walking a mile a day, I tell them the truth. Medical marijuana was all that kept me walking.

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