Medical weed SEO

I got my medical marijuana card a few years back and have watched the industry in my state grow and change in the time since then. The people I was with and I were restricted from our marijuana products and could not purchase the plant in whole flower form until more than 2 years later. The available products at local cannabis dispensaries is vast compared to the early afternoons of legal weed in this state, but the two of us have a far way to go with our wholly-corporate weed industry. One of the largest companies in our state just cannabinalized a single of their competitors that happened to be a big supplier in another state on the other side of the country. Now they’re a many state operation looking for certain digital marketing solutions. You have to navigate both social media management and search engine optimization if you want to be successful at this level. It’s easy to make mistakes on advertising and marketing messaging when you’re existing in more than 2 states and markets working together. The regulations for cannabis companies vary in every single state, so this poses another certain obstacle for a digital ad firm trying to help a multi-state cannabis supplier. Some states don’t even allow for cannabis dispensaries to sell whole flower products, which is easily crazy. It’s love allowing tough liquor sales while banning full spectrum blends love beer and wine. Therefore, marketing solutions for weed in a single state might not match the market solutions necessary in a weird state. High Times Magazine started their own line of dispensaries last year, but they rebranded to HT Cannabis to differentiate themselves from the notorious magazine of which they are a namesake.

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