Moving from a medical marijuana state

I used to live in a medical weed only state. It was awful. I considered going the extra mile to get our medical cannabis card but I didn’t want to, however honestly the doctor’s visit had me against it. I didn’t want to rest in a waiting room for tenths to talk to a guy for more than four tenths. I also didn’t want to have that yearly commitment in order to keep our medical cannabis card. Weed should be enjoy buying cough medicine or beer. It shouldn’t be so regulated. It ticked me off that there were states that you could do that but mine was a no. So I just didn’t love weed for a certainly long time! Finally I moved to a state where medical and recreational cannabis is allowed. I was able to purchase cannabis honestly for the first time ever. I walked into a cannabis dispensary and purchased what I wanted. I did some research before and decided I wanted to vape cannabis oil. I savor that I can just load a flavored cartridge and be done with it. I press a button and I am off to the races. It is healthier than smoking a flower form too. It is overall cheaper since I am not wasting product loading a joint. I smoke cannabis oil just for fun but also for medical reasons as well. I am glad that I didn’t need to do the whole doctor’s visit, paperwork and card renewal. It was worth the wait after all these years.
medical marijuana dispensary