Moving to a friendly weed state

When my place of work wanted me to move to another state, I was truly open to the idea.

I hated the state I lived in.

The weather is chilly basically 24/7, everything is tightly ruled as well as the taxes are awful. When I got a few possibilities for where I could go I checked out everything about the area. I knew I could find things I like doing, places to eat as well as make friends. What was really important to myself and others was wonderful weather, no state tax as well as lax COVID laws. Secondly, I wanted a state that gave both medical as well as recreational weed. I am a cannabis user as well as I am willing to be a medical weed patient, however I prefer the freedom of recreational cannabis. After my research I found the state for me. I am so much happier here now. I truly get plastic bags with my groceries now. I don’t need to wear a face mask everywhere. I also prefer moderate weather basically all year. My number one thing to do is I take my bike into town as well as run errands. I hit the local farmers market as well as grab produce. I then bike over to the cannabis dispensary near me as well as get a cannabis cooking oil. I prefer stir-frying my veggies in a cannabis flavored oil. I sleep like a baby that night and I have a healthy meal simultaneously. The best thing work ever did for myself and others was moving me to a new state. I don’t ever want to leave this area now.

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