MS fight adds a tool with access to cannabis dispensary

If something works for you, just go with it.

Those are words to live by plus I’m so thankful that I’ve taken that lesson to heart.

It took studying alternate ways to treat my MS for me to fully embrace that ethos. But I get it now plus that has everything to do with medical marijuana. When I was initially tested with MS, I was put into an experimental program. There was some success but not as much as I had hoped. So from there, it was more the traditional medication plus therapy approach. Again, it was helpful however I was convinced that I could manage some of my symptoms better. And that’s what led me to a series of cannabis dispensary events. I met so various people who suffered from a variety of complications that were doing so well with medical marijuana. Meeting a lady my age who added medical marijuana to her program was the tipping point for me. She was just so articulate about what a breakthrough she had with cannabis products. She uses the cannabis flower products but has also had fine results with the cannabis gummies as well. Just hearing her talk motivated be to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. And adding medical cannabis to my treatment of MS has been the breakthrough I was hoping plus laboring toward. My stiffness is remarkably better plus I’m able to balance plus move so much better as well. Even more so, there is a willful hopefulness that comes with treating my MS with medical marijuana. It just helps me set a unquestionably healthy perspective plus that’s just such an pressing component to dealing with this. Go for it if works for you, right?


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