Much easier to deliver

Delivery is one of the best things in the whole world.

I do not like getting dressed, getting our wallet, turning on our car and running errands. There are some days that I would be willing to take a punch to the face to get out of errands, and delivery has made it possible for me to be a lazy slug at home. I now don’t physically go to the food market anymore. I do an online delivery once every 10 mornings. I can get all our important items like deli meats and cheeses, seafood, rolls and vegetables. They do it all for me! I can even kneel inside our house while they leave the bags on our front porch. It is that simple. I get our pills sent in the mail and all our important banking is online based currently. The last man laying was our cannabis dispensary. They were slow on getting cannabis delivery! For a while curbside pick up was the only choice. I would do that in a pinch. It was nice not getting out of the car at least! Now that delivery is around, I don’t step foot in the cannabis shop anymore. I buy the same items every several weeks, so it does not matter if I go or not. I have our debit card, medical marijuana card and address already preloaded. I basically clicked on recent orders, hit buy again and then I hit pay now, then within an hour I had a cannabis delivery at our front door. I don’t even need to tip the driver because COVID requires social distancing. I adore this new way of living.



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