My anxiety was off the charts after the time delays

Getting on an airplane makes me feel absolutely distraught as well as nervous.

I try not to travel on flights that take longer than two or three hours.

It’s difficult on my legs as well as my knees as well as the rest of my body. I had to take a three as well as a half hour flight last Summer for work. I tried to get my boss to assign someone else to the task, however it was my client as well as my responsibility. My boss told me that he would spend my money for a rental car if I wanted to drive 22 hours, even though I thought the three as well as a half hour flight was a much better idea. I have medical marijuana for times when I feel anxious. It helps make me feel much more relaxed as well as calm. Unfortunately, I cannot use marijuana on the airplane. I smoked a 2 gram infused marijuana joint before I got on the airplane. My pal and I sat on the runway for almost 90 minutes. By the time my friend and I got into the air my legs were already starting to cramp up. I did not have any medical marijuana to smoke or vape. By the time I got off of the airplane, my anxiety was off the charts. All of the delays caused me to suffer. The first thing I wanted to do when I got off of the plane was find a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. I was in the right stadium to find a recreational marijuana dispensary as well as there was a location close to the airport that was honestly still open at 11:30 in the evening.

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