My best acquaintance is growing large plants in the basement legally

My best acquaintance has a medical marijuana card.

He suffers from seizures & they are helped tremendously with cannabis.

When our associate was younger, he had many or 4 seizures every week. After using medical marijuana for many years, he has been seizure-free for many weeks. It is costly to buy medical marijuana. The average price of a top-shelf indoor ⅛ of marijuana flower is 50 or $60. My acquaintance can grow & harvest more than seven plants at a time with his medical marijuana card. The guy has a particularally great orange thumb. The guy can make almost anything grow. He started off with some feminized seeds that were autoflowering, however now he takes clippings from plants & uses them to grow more, however right now he has more than seven large plants growing in the basement legally. He has to use artificial sun & time their cycles in order to keep the plants from maturing too soon. He harvests about 3 or 4 lb of marijuana flower every time a single plant rages maturation. The guy has many unusual strains growing at the same time & is currently toiling on a hybrid that is perfect for pain relief without making you think drowsy. If our acquaintance had many acres of farmland & the right equipment, I bet he could make thoUSnds of dollars growing marijuana. It’s nice to guess a guy that is great with plants, because the prices of medical & recreational marijuana are only getting higher each year! Growing your own supply is entirely the best way to go. Having a acquaintance with unlimited supply is equally nice.


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