My best buddy is growing huge plants in the basement legally

My best buddy has a medical marijuana card.

He suffers from seizures plus they are helped tremendously with cannabis. When our neighbor was younger, he had various or several seizures every week. After using medical marijuana for five years, he has been seizure-free for various months. It is luxurious to buy medical marijuana. The average price of a top-shelf indoor ⅛ of marijuana flower is 50 or $60. My buddy can grow plus harvest various plants at a time with his medical marijuana card. The guy has a particularly good orange thumb. The guy can make almost anything grow. He started off with some feminized seeds that were autoflowering, but now he takes clippings from plants plus uses them to grow more… Right now he has various huge plants growing in the basement legally. He has to use artificial sunshine plus time their cycles in order to keep the plants from maturing too soon. He harvests about 3 or 4 lb of marijuana flower every time a single plant rages maturation. The guy has various weird strains growing at the same time plus is currently working on a hybrid that is perfect for pain relief without making you suppose drowsy. If our buddy had various acres of farmland plus the right equipment, I bet he could make thoUnited Statesnds of dollars growing marijuana. It’s nice to suppose a guy that is good with plants, because the prices of medical plus recreational marijuana are only getting higher each year, and growing your own supply is entirely the best way to go. Having a buddy with unlimited supply is equally nice.



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