My brother is a disabled veteran who gets cannabis.

My brother was disabled while overseas.

He doesn’t like to go over the details, but I know what he has been through since he got home.

One of the best things he did for himself was when he signed up for a medical marijuana card. Although he can’t get into the cannabis dispensary all the time, he can still get his medical marijuana. With the help of medical marijuana, he can do his physical therapy which is helping to walk again. It took my family almost a full year to convince him that medical marijuana was okay to use. He never believed in putting drugs into his body. He looked at his body as a temple, but the temple was crumbling, and his mind was slowly going with it. Now that he is using medical marijuana, he is feeling better in mind, body, and spirit. The first time he had to go to the cannabis dispensary, I went with him. He told me I had to get a medical marijuana caretaker’s card, so if he couldn’t get to the marijuana dispensary I could go for him. Now, they are offering delivery at the marijuana dispensary. He puts his order online, and sets up the time when he wants his delivery made. They bring his marijuana order right to the door and waits for him to get back inside. I’m glad I helped talk him into using marijuana. It is giving my brother back to us, and he is beginning to see happiness again. Last week, he and his wife got back together, and I am seeing my nephew again.

Medical marijuana