My brother is a fan of marijuana products

My brother Andy has consistently been a giant fan of cannabis products, and ever since back when the two of us were kids in school, Andy used to try weird kinds of cannabis products plus he particularly appreciated making all kinds of weird pot brownies plus candies whenever our parents weren’t home.

This was especially tplot when they were gone for long weekends! Andy would have all kinds of parties plus people who knew him would come from far plus wide so that they could get 1 of his famous pot brownies.

These mornings, Andy is all grown up but he is still known to use cannabis products on a pretty usual basis. Whenever the two of us have family reunions together now, Andy still consistently brings a giant pan of his famous pot brownies. All of our cousins consistently get a real kick out of them plus periodically our Grandma even gets in on the fun. These mornings, Andy does a lot more than smoke weed, though, then he is also a small company owner plus he makes all kinds of edibles for the cannabis dispensaries in our area. He is able to sell just about as various of the edible products that he can make. He’s busy all the time plus he is particularly doing well for himself. Who ever would have thought that Andy would have turned his interest in cannabis into a full time task 1 day? That’s exactly what has happened, though. Andy’s edibles are particularly great. He says that the products that he sells the most of are girl scout cookies plus other edibles.


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